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News re: Arturo (mostly in English, some Espanol) - note *

Recent Updates

17Jul14 - Gingrich calls for Arturo the polar bear's transfer

16Jul14 - Thousands sign online petition to move ‘world’s saddest animal’ to Winnipeg

15Jul14 - Everyone Is Banding Together to Save Arturo, the World's Most Depressed Polar Bear, From a Zoo

14Jul14 - Petition to save world's saddest animal to be presented to Cristina Kirchner: More than 200,000 call for lonely polar bear to be moved from Argentine zoo to colder climate

14Jul14 - What You Can Do To Help The “World’s Saddest Animal,” A Polar Bear Trapped In The Desert

27Jun14 - Petition - Francisco Pérez, Governor of Mendoza: Freedom for Arturo, the Polar Bear

27May14 - The female singer Cher protests about polar bear Arturo on Twitter

20May14 - Petition - Help ARTURO - He MUST have an independent medical evaluation NOW !

2May14 - "A recent heatwave in Argentina has caused Arturo’s health to deteriorate even further. He's in critical condition & getting worse everyday. The humane society is calling on the Canadian government to pressure the Argentinian government to have the polar bear moved out of the Mendoza Zoo."

20Mar14 - Petition - Ask the Governor of Mendoza to have Arturo evaluated by Polar Bear specialists
http://bit.ly/1liWniK (note: put zeros in DNI if not Argentine resident; Click "Share This" to sign.)

20Mar14 - "Greenpeace filed a petition to the Governor of Mendoza, Francisco "Paco" Perez, for a new medical board composed of specialists in polar bears, examine the Arturo bear in order to determine if possible relocate in the Northern Hemisphere."

1Mar14 - Argentinian hackers get together for Polar Bear "Arturo", hack government websites to bring world attention

1Mar14 - Petition - Trasladar al #osoArturo a Reserva Natural y darle NO al maltrato animal /
Transfer Arturo to reserve without Animal Abuse

27Feb14 - Petition - Demand That Polar Bear #osoArturo Be Removed From Desert Zoo

26Feb14 - Petition - Quickly issue a special import permit to Canada for #OsoArturo the Polar bear

24Feb14 - Prozac Will Not Cure the Mental Anguish of Captive Animals (Scroll down to see: Arturo the Depressed Polar Bear)
"Environmentalists...claim that a more thorough investigation [of Arturo's health] was needed, and Canada would’ve been a better climatic fit."

23Feb14 - Video (5 min): Did Arturo Leave Again? Ecologicos Unidos went to check on him and didn't see him.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEjhJbU5upY (Please note you can translate the channel comments to read the conversation.)
(Translation): Today February 23, 2014, fifteen days after the government performed the VISUAL EVALUATION and Arturo was returned to the enclosure, NOW, it is already abandoned again, fans off, simply top water jets and hose, of the three air conditioners only one works, microsprinklers off, Water has no ice, the water is dirty, the water level is lower, the water cooler is dismantled, no filters, no water rinses, the bedroom has NOT been enlarged (as requested in evaluation) did not put sand on the side of the pool, no clocks measuring temperature, etc.. HOW LONG WILL ARTURO LIVE IN THESE CONDITIONS? -- Ecologicos Unidos.
See advocate organization Ecologicos Unidos Facebook page for more posts re: Arturo in Spanish:

23Feb14 - Breaking News: The APPEAL of HABEAS CORPUS for ARTURO was GRANTED!!! Read more/How to help!

14Feb14 - A Life So Intolerable Polar Bear Arturo is Going Insane 


"The humane society is calling on the Canadian government to pressure the Argentinian government to have the polar bear moved out of the Mendoza Zoo. Bill McDonald, CEO of the Winnipeg Humane Society, says Argentina’s hot weather is just not suitable for a polar bear...."

13Feb14 - Updated Petitions: http://tiny.cc/arturo-pb

13Feb14 - Toronto Zoo is working w/ their partners, Assiniboine Park and Zoo and Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat, to ensure the situation with Arturo has a positive resolution.


12Feb14 - 'Unprecedented action' in fight to save polar bear


"An organization of lawyers defending animal rights has filed a petition in an Argentine court on behalf of Arturo the polar bear.... "It's summertime in Argentina right now and courts grind to a halt with so many people on vacation, she [Arentsen] said. Meanwhile, Arturo has to endure daytime highs of close to 40 C, she said. "This summer is very hot."

11Feb14 - Assiniboine Park Conservancy Update regarding Argentinean Polar Bear, Arturo


10Feb14 - AMPROS participa de la Junta Medica Veterinaria relacionada con el Oso Arturo /

AMPROS part of the Veterinary Medical Board related to Arturo the Polar Bear


English: http://bit.ly/1bnzOIG

10Feb14 - Urso polar Arturo fica na Argentina (1:20 Portugues) / Polar Bear Arturo in Argentina


8Feb14 - Presentaron un hábeas corpus para liberar a Arturo / Filed a habeas corpus to liberate Arthur

Espanol: http://www.diariosanrafael.com.ar/la-provincia/1230-presentaron-un-habeas-corpus-para-liberar-a-arturo

Espanol: http://www.jornadaonline.com/Mendoza/109030

English: http://bit.ly/1g8Ad09 

English: http://bit.ly/LT4lBN

"Association of Professional Attorneys for the Rights of Animals (AFADA), went further and presented yesterday, the same day it was determined the non-transfer of Arturo, a habeas corpus petition Mendoza Justice because they believe that Arthur is unlawfully deprived of his liberty, as expressed in this judicial figure."

See also from @peteswildlife:


8Feb14 - Arturo, "a polar bear in the Argentine desert," stays in his zoo


"’The evaluation they did was visual, without touching him, observing him from a distance," complained Gabriel Flores, an activist of the Ecologists United movement, which for more than a year had denounced Arturo's living conditions. ‘They only checked how he walks, how he eats, and how he swims. It was a halfway fake evaluation that doesn't convince us at all,’ he said.”

7Feb14 - Experts nix Canada move for sad Argentine polar bear


Arturo does not pass medical observation performed by alleged biased experts. Staying in Argentina. “Experts from Argentina, Canada, Chile and Uruguay considered the case, they decided it was best to leave Arturo in Argentina.”  They said, "'He is fine, in good condition' right where he is.”

26Nov13 - Before being audited, improve Arturo bear cage to withstand the summer

Espanol: http://www.losandes.com.ar/includes/modulos/imprimir.asp?id=752699&tipo=noticia

English translation: http://bit.ly/1fIfzCt

“The man who has starred in a number of controversies following his appointment as head of Zoo said: "Arturo has 24-hour guard, a vet tells me every day about their health and have increased jauleros who care for him."


5Feb14 - Argentinean Polar Bear, Arturo, Unlikely to be to be Transferred to Canada


5Feb14 - [Canadian] Zoo blocked from saving Argentine polar bear

5Feb14 - Argentinian polar bear not coming to Winnipeg [Canada]

27Jan14 - "Polar Bear to be Transferred to Canada: Mendoza’s provincial government confirmed on Friday that they would transfer a polar bear resident in the city’s zoo to a reserve in Canada. Assiniboine polar bear conservation centre had offered to take the 29-year-old bear, called Arturo, and after a campaign backed by Greenpeace highlighting the record-breaking summer temperatures, the provincial government rescinded, and announced that Arturo will be moved as soon as he is given the medical all-clear. The move has been welcomed by conservationists, as last summer a polar bear in Buenos Aires city zoo died due to a combination of high temperatures and fireworks over the Christmas period."

24Jan14 - Will make a "congress" vet to decide the transfer Arturo Bear (translated) http://bit.ly/1mZndLx

7thFeb vet team (of natl/intl professionals) to conduct medical exam to determine Arturo's fitness to relocate to Canada.

24Jan14 - Greenpeace joined the transport order Arturo Bear (translated)

21Jan14 - Greenpeace calls for "urgent" move of Argentine polar bear Arturo (translated)


*29Dec13 - Man [Lucas Saa] Wants Polar Bear in Winnipeg (1 min)


20Dec13 - Activists struggle to get elderly polar bear out of the Argentina heat


15Nov13 - Letter from campaigner Dr. Maria Fernanda Arentsen re: #Arturo2Canada history (translated)

Recent Updates


30Oct13 - Argentine bear may join Churchill orphan at city zoo
"Arturo needs to pass the various medical checks to be deemed a suitable candidate, and if or when that happens, he won't be transported until April or May of next year [2014]."

24Sept13 - Zoo weighs rescue effort for Argentina polar bear
"The Assiniboine Park Conservancy confirmed Monday it is sending a team of four experts to Argentina, likely in November, to assess the bear." This trip was later canceled by the Argentine party.

12Apr13? - CBC NEWS CANADA video re: Arturo - features Dr. Arentsen (1:41) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZyb3WItFjs
See: Send 'sad' Argentinian polar bear to Canada, supporters urge

Canadian zoo that refused Arturo:
International Polar Bear Conservation Centre (IPBCC) at Assiniboine Park Zoo.
"The IPBCC and the Journey to Churchill exhibit are expected to open in summer of 2014." http://bit.ly/1nCXnQC

This Plan B option is no longer available. 12Feb14
29Oct13 - VIDEO: A happy new life for polar bear Yupi at Doncaster’s wildlife park [UK]
This UK zoo is planning on receiving Mexico's Yupi this spring/summer. An exhibit for polar bears in need of rescuing is being built. It is 15 acres & may be largest polar bear exhibit in world. Supposed to be finished in early 2014. ZoocheckCanada is overseeing Yupi’s transfer.

*Added 24Feb14

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