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Breaking News Feb 23rd! - See Mail Action Alerts below in English & Espanol - UPDATED Feb 26th


Association of Professional Attorneys for the Rights of Animals) APPEAL WAS GRANTED - that Arturo the Polar Bear was illegally deprived of his liberty by the Mendoza Zoo (ARG.) 

Now the court must consider the motion by the AFADA for the Polar Bear "ARTURO" for his Liberation from Mendoza Zoo and his immediate relocation to a "Specialized Center for Polar Bears" in CANADA.  

Now, the Criminal Chamber of Mendoza (Argentina), composed of Drs. José Miguel Alejandro Ramiro Javier and Luis Rafael CORREA SALINAS Cascallares PLAINS, will have on their hands the historic decision that will set a precedence for the freedom of bears in zoos around the world.

We rely on the prudence, wisdom and fairness of these magistrates, in whose "pen" is today placed the fate of thousands of INNOCENT captive animals awaiting their turn on the road to FREEDOM!

People from ALL COUNTRIES can GIVE SUPPORT and write to the officials. Please see below.

Please note the English version is slightly different than the Spanish version.

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Source: http://www.jus.mendoza.gov.ar/guia/oficina.php?param_oficina=12490000


Dear Drs. Members of the Judiciary of Mendoza,


We strongly urge you to obtain the release and relocation of the Polar Bear Arturo to a "Specialized Center for Polar Bears" in Canada.


Arturo is deprived of his liberty in the Mendoza Zoo, Argentina.


He is the only polar bear who remains in Argentina. It is urgent that he is relocated to a facility where his biological needs can be met.


His life is currently at risk due to enduring extreme temperatures of 40c and above in Mendoza. These same high temperatures led to the death of Winner, a polar bear at the zoo in Buenos Aires in December 2012.



We have collected more than 300,000 signatures requesting Arturo’s transfer. Greenpeace is also concerned about the unacceptable living conditions of Arturo and requested his transfer on January 21, 2014:



Polar bears are the largest land carnivore on Earth. They are so well insulated they can easily become overheated! They swim to hunt, cool down on warm days and are known to submerge to depths of up to 15ft. On land in the wild they can reach speeds of 40 kilometers per hour (25 mph) and can range inland as far as 150 kilometers (90 miles).


Keeping polar bears in captivity in zoos is a challenge since there are no modern devices that can recreate the animal's habitat and meet their biological and behavioral needs as revealed by current studies:



People from countries around the world have supported the cause by spreading the information, signing petitions, sending letters calling for justice for Arturo, asking that he has the life he deserves with other polar bears in Canada.


The message has been unanimous:

"Do not let him die slowly in Mendoza Zoo, in a habitat that is unsuitable in every aspect.”


He does not even have a deep pool. He only has a shallow little pool filled with dirty, hot water, not even deep enough to cover his bulk, let alone to dive or swim in!

As shown in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p1GhDOUbAw


If Arturo is left in the Mendoza Zoo he is doomed to both mental and physical health issues, and to die without any consideration or respect for his life and the fact that he is a majestic animal from a land vastly different to Mendoza. At this zoo he is treated like an object, not a living creature who has rights.


In the eighteenth century, human slavery was considered normal, slaves were not "people" but "possessions." Humanity has evolved and it's time to take another step forward. Zoos are institutions of the nineteenth century and currently many countries are eliminating them, or at least upgrading to zoo parks, such as Assiniboine Zoo who wants to take Arturo.


For your edification, please note that at Cambridge in July 2012, a group of pre-eminent scientists publicly proclaimed that nonhuman animals have consciousness. This event took place at the Francis Crick Memorial Conference and was witnessed by Dr. Stephen Hawking. This famous quote from the conference sums up the declaration:


"Humans are not unique in possessing the neurological substrates that generate consciousness."


More information can be found:

Website: http://fcmconference.org/

Declaration: http://fcmconference.org/img/CambridgeDeclarationOnConsciousness.pdf


Animals are not things, they are not owned by anyone, they are living beings that deserve to be respected, and who are a vital part of a healthy, balanced ecology.


We rely on your prudence, wisdom and reasonableness Your Honors. "The ball is in your court" with this ruling and the fate of thousands of INNOCENT captive animals are awaiting their turn on the road to FREEDOM!


Thank you very much for your attention,


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DESTINATARIOS: Enviar a: Dr. Alejandro Jose MIGUEL , Dr. Ramiro Javier SALINAS , Dra. Marcela Susana SPERTINO ; Dr. Luis Rafael CORREA LLANO CASCALLARES ; Dra. Maria Belen RENNA CAPONE;

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Carta modelo:

Estimados Dres. Integrantes del Poder Judicial de Mendoza,

Les pido encarecidamente que nos ayuden para obtener la liberación y ubicación en un "Centro Especializado de Osos Polares" en Canadá del Oso Polar Arturo, privado de su Libertad en el Zoo de Mendoza, Argentina.

Este es el único oso polar que queda en Argentina y necesita ser trasladado con urgencia, su vida esta está en riesgo soportando temperaturas de 40°C que llevaron a la muerte al oso polar Winner en el zoo de Buenos Aires en diciembre de 2012 según explica la nota

Hemos reunido más de 300.000 firmas solicitando su traslado. Greenpeace también se preocupa por las terribles condiciones de vida de Arturo y pidió el traslado el 21 enero 2014

En la actualidad mantener osos polares en cautiverio en zoológicos es un desafío, puesto que no existen dispositivos por más modernos que sean, que puedan recrear el hábitat del animal y satisfacer las necesidades biológicas y comportamentales de los mismos, según los estudios de


Personas de países del mundo entero se han prestado a la causa difundiendo, firmando peticiones, enviando cartas con el único objetivo de que se haga justicia y que Arturo tenga la vida que merece en la reserva de osos polares en Canadá y deje de morir lentamente en el zoológico de Mendoza, en un hábitat inadecuado en todos los aspectos: ni siquiera tiene una piscina acorde a sus necesidades sino un poco de agua sucia y caliente cuya profundidad ni le permite nadar!!!
Como muestra el video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p1GhDOUbAw

Arturo en este zoo está condenado a enloquecer y morir sin la menor consideración ni respeto considerado como un objeto.
En el siglo XVIII la esclavitud de seres humanos era considerado algo normal, los esclavos no eran “personas” sino “cosas”, la humanidad ha evolucionado y es hora de dar otro paso adelante, los zoológicos son instituciones del siglo XIX actualmente muchos países los están eliminando. Los animales no son cosas, no son propiedad de nadie, son seres vivos que merecen ser respetados.

Confiamos en su prudencia, sensatez y razonabilidad Señores Magistrados, en vuestra "pluma" esta hoy puesto el destino de miles de animales cautivos INOCENTES, que esperan su turno en el camino a la LIBERTAD !!!

Desde ya muchas gracias por su atención, y saludo a ustedes muy atentamente.


From: https://www.facebook.com/events/191036067767435/permalink/221460404725001/