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Note: Santiago Zoo IS the National Zoo of Chile. This is where Taco resides.

20Feb14 - Crean petición para que el Oso Polar Taco, del Zoológico de Stgo., sea llevado a una reserva /

Create a petition for Polar Bear, Taco, of the Santiago Zoo, Chile so he can be sent to a reserve


English: http://bit.ly/1fglvq6

8Feb14 - Comment on Zoológico Nacional de Chile Facebook page
"Hello, yesterday I went to the zoo and I could see that they are fixing the house of Taco, the polar bear ... I feel very good, but the place where you have arranged your home did NOT HAVE SOME WATER!!  The poor animal was in a rock where shadow came, but not a drop of water (was in view at least). Please people go, look at the renovation to see if I'm wrong or I saw real ..." [translated]


23Dec13 - Comment on Zoológico Nacional de Chile Facebook page

"Please! Do not send Taco to another zoo!  There are polar bear reserves! Eco Logic Mendoza can happen the backup data to contact Canada! Please let him release him!" [translated]


22Dec13 - Comment on Zoológico Nacional de Chile Facebook page

"Sirs, I do not believe it's a lack of respect and discretion to send Taco to Baires considering the conditions in which the polar bear is in??? this is really unpresentable" [translated]


30Mar13 - Zoo review:

"This zoo is pretty poor. The animals are in cages that are just way to small. The polar bear very nearly brought me to tears. I actually feel bad for paying money to support this. It was fairly cheap to get in and it was in a nice setting but the animals made me really sad! I can't recommend this."


Taco, Chile – pictures



http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/9646927210/



Envíen a Taco a la Reserva de Osos Polares en Canadá. / Send Taco Chilean polar bear to Canada! (29Jan14)

No permita el envío de Taco al zoológico de Buenos Aires / Do not send Taco to Buenos Aires Zoo (22Dec13)

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